Eagles News · Spring Sports Information

We are making plans to begin our AACPS competitive spring season with active competitions with other county schools. The Spring season is slated to begin on Saturday April 17th and run through the end of the school year in June. We will have at least 4 weeks of regular season competitions and AACPS is working on holding culminating events such as tournaments or championships for each Varsity program. Registration for spring sports will open up at 8:00am on Tuesday April 6th. If your son or daughter has turned in a physical during this school year you will not have complete this part of the process again. All students wishing to participate will have to complete the online registration. This is a completely new registration that is separate from the virtual season we had in November.

If your son or daughter is interested in participating in the condensed Spring season please have them register using this Family ID link:


After registering we ask that you reach out to the coaches so they can begin sharing information about practice days and times.

Baseball- Adam Bolling appraisalconceptsinc@gmail.com

Softball- Steve Gorrick sgorrick@aacps.org

Boys Lacrosse- Walt Blahut wablahut50@aol.com

Girls Lacrosse- Everett Reese ereese@aacps.org

Tennis- Matt Campbell matt4895072771@yahoo.com

Track and Field- Shawn Lightfoot northeasteaglesoutdoortrack@gmail.com

Bocce- Tim Swann tswann@aacps.org

Pre-Participation Physicals are required and must be dated after June 1, 2020. Please email your physicals to athleticeagles@gmail.com or fax them to 410-437-3284. If you have already turned one in during this school year you do not have to turn another one in. It has been kept on file.

Here is a link to the physical form that you can print and take to your physician-


If you have additional questions please email the athletic director Ken Miller kfmiller@aacps.org